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The following links to Builder's Web Sites are provided for current and future builder's reference. Please note that Sonex is not responsible for their content and does not regularly review these links for content.

The Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos plans provide sufficient detail for constructing your aircraft. Some may find the helpful hints and images on the following web sites useful during the building process.

Builders' Web Sites
Sonex Aircraft, LLC:View Website
Robert Adams:View Website
Dale Anderson:View Website
Jorge H O Arceo:View Website
Robert Arthurs:View Website
Chase Ashton:View Website
Rhett Ashton:View Website
Dana Baker:View Website
Robert E Barber:View Website
Clark Barnard:View Website
Sosthene Berger:View Website
Lawrence Bird:View Website
Edward Blanchard:View Website
John Bond:View Website
Elizabeth Bondar:View Website
Keith Borgstrom:View Website
Donald Bowen:View Website
James Bower:View Website
John Boyd:View Website
Thomas Brady:View Website
Leroy E. Brandt:View Website
Kevin Brewster:View Website
W. Barry Buchanan:View Website
James Burke:View Website
Mark Campagna:View Website
Andrew Capigatti:View Website
Jeremy Casey:View Website
Adrian Clout:View Website
Kevin Conklin:View Website
Dave Conwell:View Website
Terry Cooper:View Website
Air-Ground Solutions & Services:View Website
Bryan Cotton:View Website
Richard Cotton:View Website
William Couvillon:View Website
Michael Crowder:View Website
Jim Cunningham:View Website
Peter Dailey:View Website
Wayne Daniels:View Website
J Davis:View Website
John Davis:View Website
Michael DeFeyter:View Website
Victor Delgado:View Website
Peter Denny:View Website
Clarence Dunkerley:View Website
Todd Dunn:View Website
Michael Dupree Sr:View Website
Stephan Edelman:View Website
Peter Eedy:View Website
Jason Flint:View Website
Bernd Foerster:View Website
Joseph Forcucci:View Website
John W Foreman:View Website
Dudley Foster:View Website
Rick Friberg:View Website
Mervin Friesen:View Website
Amit Ganjoo:View Website
Dean Gehring:View Website
John Gill:View Website
Michael Gonzales:View Website
Joshua Grant:View Website
Walter Clarke Griffin:View Website
Rick Griffith:View Website
David Griffiths:View Website
Darick Gundy:View Website
Jamie Halford:View Website
Russell Halverson:View Website
Robert Hansen:View Website
Alan Hay:View Website
Brian Heinmiller:View Website
Stephen Henderson:View Website
Peter Henry:View Website
James Hicke:View Website
Michael Hilderbrand:View Website
Chris Holloway:View Website
Darren Holtz:View Website
Don Hoy:View Website
Gregory Issitt:View Website
Michael Jackson:View Website
Michael January:View Website
Cliff Jarvis:View Website
Lynn Jarvis:View Website
David Johnson:View Website
Jonathan Kalbfeld:View Website
Michael Kelley:View Website
Wade Kincaid:View Website
Norman Kirby:View Website
Vasiliy Kiryanov:View Website
Aaron Knight:View Website
Timothy Koehler:View Website
David Koelzer:View Website
Philippe Leconte:View Website
Jim Lewis:View Website
Andrew Lieser:View Website
Guenther Loeffler:View Website
Bruce Loos:View Website
Kai Lyche:View Website
Christopher Madsen:View Website
Nathan Maier:View Website
Eric Marenyi:View Website
Micah Martin:View Website
Jeff Matson:View Website
Mirko Mattesini:View Website
Doug McLean:View Website
EAA Chapter 228:View Website
Miguel Mendez Ojeda:View Website
Stephen Merrifield:View Website
Duncan Meyer:View Website
Scott Meyer:View Website
Bob Meyers:View Website
Robert Mika:View Website
Colette Miller:View Website
Craig Miller:View Website
Lorin Miller:View Website
Sport Aircraft Club of Australia:View Website
Mike Moulai:View Website
Patrick J-Y Nuytten:View Website
Carl Orton:View Website
Christopher Paegelow:View Website
William Pagan:View Website
Eric Paradis:View Website
Larye Parkins:View Website
Sam Pavel:View Website
Andrew Pennington:View Website
Olivier Pettinari:View Website
Jurgen Petzold:View Website
Nicholas Popovich:View Website
Tony Richardson:View Website
Alfred Roberts:View Website
John Rocca:View Website
Ryan Roth:View Website
Donlad Ruhl:View Website
Bill Sargent:View Website
Jonathan Sauer:View Website
Gus Schlegel:View Website
Ranges TEC:View Website
Eric Seber:View Website
Randy Shelnut:View Website
Darrell Shull:View Website
Jeff Shultz:View Website
Loren Sievila:View Website
Ron Sipple:View Website
Jack Smith:View Website
Michael Smith:View Website
Matthew Spidell:View Website
Rick Spriggle:View Website
Michael Stearns:View Website
Jerry Stephens:View Website
John Stewart:View Website
Michael Stoddard:View Website
Evan Stroup:View Website
David Teel:View Website
Daniel Theis:View Website
Robert Craig Tiber:View Website
Neal Tilson:View Website
William Trawick:View Website
John Mark Traylor:View Website
Michael Turrell:View Website
Matthew Urban:View Website
Valerie Vaughn:View Website
Andy Walker:View Website
Ronald Wallis:View Website
Richard Wantz:View Website
Edward Waterhouse:View Website
David A Weber:View Website
Gary Whitecross:View Website
Robert Wilson:View Website
Thomas Wilson:View Website
Aerolyne:View Website
Alex Wiltsey:View Website
Eric Witherspoon:View Website
David Witt:View Website
Richard Young:View Website
Brett Zefting:View Website

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